[CMake] multiple project hsaring the same files.

Luca Cappa luca.cappa at i-medlab.com
Mon Sep 26 06:13:22 EDT 2005


i have 2 executables that share some source files. With the old version 
of CMake (Feb 2005), when compiling the entire project, the .o files 
were built one single time, i.e. the time the second executable's 
sources were compiling, the object files already generated were being 
used. Now they are built once for any given executable, doubling the 
compilation-time. Any hint? How to reuse the object files already 
generated (without creating a static/shared library of course)?

Besides, how to compile a single .cpp file? I was used to issue the 
following: "make SourceFile.o", but now it does work no more :\


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