[cmake-developers] set_target_properties documentation needs to be updated

Alan W. Irwin irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Sat Mar 17 01:29:03 EDT 2018

I just noticed (at
the following inconsistent documentation of set_target_properties:

"Targets can have properties that affect how they are built.

set_target_properties(target1 target2 ...
                       PROPERTIES prop1 value1
                       prop2 value2 ...)
Set properties on a target. The syntax for the command is to list all the files you want to change, and then provide the values you want to set next. You can use any prop value pair you want and extract it later with the get_property() or get_target_property() command.

See Properties on Targets for the list of properties known to CMake."

I believe this documentation needs to be updated.  The principal
issue is whether there is just a single target for this
command (as indicated by the command name) or multiple targets.

In the former case "target2 ..." should be removed and

list all the files you want to change ==> specify the target you want to

In the latter case

Set properties on a target ==> Set properties on targets


list all the files you want to change ==> list all the targets you
want to change

If somone here knows which case is correct, then I would be willing to
make one or the other of the above sets of changes available as a git
format-patch result, but I doubt that complication should be necessary
since presumably anybody who knows that answer will be in a good
position to do this simple documentation fix commit themselves.

Alan W. Irwin

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University of Victoria (astrowww.phys.uvic.ca).

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