[cmake-developers] Extending XCode scheme generation support

Gregor Jasny gjasny at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 2 09:05:41 EDT 2017

Hello Steven,

On 9/22/17 3:36 AM, Steven Velez wrote:
> # Property-Centric
> In this proposal, the generation of the scheme files is customized primarily by
> a user setting additional, specialized properties on a given target, which then
> affect the generation of the scheme files associated with that target.
thank you for working an the scheme proposal. I also believe that the
property-centric approach is better suited and easier to implement than
the file-centrix one.

Next steps would be to sequence the necessary changes and define test
cases. I could imagine that adding generator-expression support would be
much harder to implement that other things.

Things that also should be considered are:
* differences between macOS and iOS when generating a scheme
* what should happen if two targets specify the same schema name


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