[cmake-developers] Build multiple CMake projects

jerry.c.t at web.de jerry.c.t at web.de
Fri Mar 24 14:35:52 EDT 2017

I have some CMake projects which depend on each other. They provide Config scripts (all generated with the help of CMakePackageConfigHelpers) and the CMake projects find there dependencies with find_package(). Even the transitive dependencies are correctly modelled (exported to the Config scripts with find_dependency).
The setup in general is fine. The only drawback is that I have to build and install them manually in the correct order. For example A depends on B depends on C, I have to build+install first C, than B, then A ...
The number of projects are getting more and more and it's getting harder to build them.
So my question:
a) Is there a CMake way to generate a dependency graph and build them in the correct order, i.e., the same as CMake does within a project with the targets but this time on project level?
b) What possiblities are provided by CMake to support this?
c) Are there tools you can recommend?

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