[cmake-developers] Problems with CTestTestParallel

Rolf Eike Beer eike at sf-mail.de
Fri Mar 10 06:34:18 EST 2017

My new build machine (castor.sf-tec.de) seems to reliably trigger some sort of 
error in CTestTestParallel. If I run that test standalone or just "ctest -j 
64" in a build tree it seems to work. Running the nightly script gives the 
error again. I initially suspected some sort of system problem, but other 
hosts see this problem again, so I now suspect it's a deeper problem.

Even if it says "compile errors" the Lockfile binary is produced and can be run 
successfully. I've attached the complete build dir of that test, maybe anyone 
has a clue what is going on there. You probably cannot run the executable as 
this is compiled for a Sparc Niagara 2 processor.


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