[cmake-developers] Future of ccmake and cmake-gui and internationalization

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Thu Aug 17 16:09:29 EDT 2017

On 8/17/2017 12:11 PM, Eric Wing wrote:
> Oddly, I don't have any direct experience with FLTK even though I've
> known about it for years. The projects I get involved with usually
> need a lot more native UI integration, so FLTK is never on the list.
> And I personally prefer native UI experience.  But for something small
> like the CMake GUI, it wouldn't bother me as much. That said, it
> sounds like this is not a rewrite, so I guess the conversation is
> moot.
CMake originally had an FLTK GUI it was dropped for the Qt one.  :) 
This happened around the time Qt changed licenses.  I am not that 
interested in dropping Qt for something else at this point.  Computers 
have big disks/memory so the bloat does not bother me that much.  There 
are folks maintaining the Qt cmake-gui and there seems to be enough Qt 
knowledge around to keep that going.


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