[cmake-developers] Fwd: [CMake] cmake-gui on windows and qt5 dlls

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Mon Aug 14 16:22:25 EDT 2017

14.08.2017, 16:18, "Ben Boeckel" <ben.boeckel at kitware.com>:
> On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 20:09:17 +1000, Craig Scott wrote:
>>  It shouldn't be an issue having non-static Qt libs linked to cmake-gui, but
>>  as reported on the CMake users mailing list, it can be a problem when the
>>  directory cmake-gui is in is on the PATH. If CMake's bin directory appears
>>  on the PATH, the Qt DLL's bundled with it can take precedence over other
>>  applications' own Qt DLLs. The cmake and ccmake executables have a
>>  reasonable case for being on the PATH, but cmake-gui is typically going to
>>  be started via a desktop or menu icon and doesn't really need to be on the
>>  PATH.
>>  Rather than forcing static Qt libs to be used (I'm not aware of the reason
>>  for the change from static to dynamic Qt libs), we could instead move
>>  cmake-gui out of the bin directory so that it isn't in the same directory
>>  as the cmake and ccmake executables. This top level directory should never
>>  be added to the PATH, so it would resolve problems like the above. It is
>>  not unusual for the main executable to be in the top level directory of an
>>  installation rather than in a bin subdirectory. What do people think of
>>  moving cmake-gui and the Qt DLL's up to the top level? This may just be for
>>  Windows, other platforms could stay as they are now. Would obviously have
>>  to adjust not just the install location but also any internal code that
>>  tries to work out where other files are located relative to the cmake-gui
>>  executable. Things like the qt.conf file would also probably need some
>>  adjustment.
>>  Thoughts?
> Git splits it between bin/ and cmd/ where cmd/ is meant to be in PATH.
> Then the structure doesn't need to change either.

+1 Add script (.bat) to `cmd` subfolder to invoke tools from `bin` on Windows (and add to PATH variable if needed).

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