[cmake-developers] LINK_FLAGS and STATIC_LIBRARY_FLAGS target properties

Craig Scott craig.scott at crascit.com
Sun Oct 30 00:01:35 EDT 2016

Looking at the latest CMake docs for the LINK_FLAGS and
STATIC_LIBRARY_FLAGS target properties, neither mentions support for
generator expressions. This seems to be at odds with other target
properties which are documented as having support for generator
expressions, particularly the compiler counterparts COMPILE_DEFINITIONS,
COMPILE_OPTIONS and INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES. Is it just a case of the linker
properties haven't had their documentation updated or do they not yet have
generator expression support?

The situation for the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES target property is also a
bit odd in that it's documentation doesn't mention support for generator
expressions, but that for LINK_LIBRARIES does. Again, is this just docs
being out of date or is the interface version of this property still
lacking generator expression support? It would seem odd that the
non-interface property supports them but the interface property doesn't.

For both cases above, if those properties which don't have documented
generator expression support indeed don't support them, are there plans to
add such support any time soon?

Sorry for all the questions, none of this is blocking me on anything, I'm
just wanting to clarify the situation to gain a better understanding of
what capabilities can be relied on to be available.

Craig Scott
Melbourne, Australia
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