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Charles Huet charles.huet at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 04:27:34 EDT 2016

> It works with Ninja for me.  Are you building CMake out-of-source?
The complete list of commands I used is (from a clean build dir):
cmake ..\CMake -G Ninja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
ctest -V -R CheckSourceTree

In a MSVC2012 x64 command prompt.
I used the installed CMake to both configure and test.

the last message is :
 CMake Error at CheckSourceTreeTest.cmake:355 (message):
   test fails: local source tree non-additions: use git add before
   or remove the files from the source tree

>I don't understand what you mean.

Like most CMake tests, the SimpleInstall test contains a CMakeLists, so the
ctest process runs cmake and builds the test.
This test has a custom_command which does 'cmake --build', so when you run
the test, the build tool will call 'camke --build', which starts the build
tool again, in the same folder hierarchy.

This is not supported by fastbuild. Since it is highly paralellized, it
uses a lock file to check if an instance is already running, in order to
avoid all the common problems you would encounter by having two instances
doing read/writes to its local database (for instance for its caching

Thus I am wondering how I can get this test to pass.

Le lun. 10 oct. 2016 à 19:13, Brad King <brad.king at kitware.com> a écrit :

> On 10/10/2016 09:39 AM, Charles Huet wrote:
> > * the test CMake.CheckSourceTree does not work with Fastbuild,
> >   but I could not get it to work with Ninja either, maybe I
> >   have an environment problem ?
> It works with Ninja for me.  Are you building CMake out-of-source?
> > * the test SimpleInstall requires the build tool to be able to
> >   run multiple instances in the same hierarchy, which Fastbuild
> >   does not support.
> I don't understand what you mean.
> > * It seems SimpleInstall-Stage2 depends upon SimpleInstall,
> >   is this right ?
> Yes.
> -Brad
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