[cmake-developers] target_link_libraries and --start-group/--end-group ?

Robert Goulet Robert.Goulet at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 12 12:39:35 EST 2015

Unfortunately I cannot do that, but I can tell you that the generated line in the .vcxproj file looks correct :


So now I am guessing the problem is in the glue that adds support of Android to the VS IDE?
Where is the code that translate a link library into the command line, such as "libfoo.a" to "-lfoo"?


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On 1/9/2015 4:28 PM, Robert Goulet wrote:
> I realize the cmake documentation says that everything that starts 
> with "-" should be treated as other linker flags, so I wonder, perhaps 
> it's a new bug, or maybe just with a specific generator? In this case 
> I am using the new NVidia NSight Android generator for Visual Studio.
> -l"-Wl,--start-group" –lfoo –lbar –l"-Wl,--end-group"

It is likely specific to that (new) generator.

Please post the .vcxproj file that is generated for that.


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