[cmake-developers] [PATCH] CMakeParseArguments: Test suite and native implementation

Matthias Männich matthias at maennich.net
Mon Dec 14 16:52:09 EST 2015


This is my pull request [1] brought to the list.

This adds a test suite for the CMakeParseArguments module. In addition
the second change implements cmake_parse_arguments(...) as native

In our project we saw that cmake_parse_arguments is actually called a
lot of times due to macro expansion and we could almost halve our
configure time by using a native implementation of
cmake_parse_arguments. This implementation follows the implementation
of the former macro and both implementations of course pass the added
test suite.

I added a third change that makes cmake_parse_arguments() emit a
warning in case keywords are specified more than once. An error
instead actually would break compatibility (which is why I also made
it a separate commit) for some probably unused corner cases. But in my
opinion this improves the implementation as I assume that most of the
duplicate specifications are actual errors that else get silently
ignored. In a later CMake version one could even emit an error in this
case but as it would break compatibility it should be introduced along
with a policy.

Best regards,



[1] https://github.com/Kitware/CMake/pull/202
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