[cmake-developers] [PATCH] Extend copy and copy_if_different commands with support multiple files

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Dec 3 13:07:39 EST 2015

On 12/03/2015 12:31 PM, Bartosz Kosiorek wrote:
> When I'm trying to run test with wildcard:
> run_cmake_command(E_copy-wildcard-source-files-target-is-directory ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy 
>                   ${RunCMake_copy_TEST_SOURCE_DIR}/directory1/* 
>                   ${RunCMake_copy_TEST_BINARY_DIR})
> I've got an error:

The command is not running through a shell in that case so there is
no step that expands the wildcard.  This feature is not about wildcard
expansion, but about multiple inputs to the copy.  They can be
spelled out explicitly in the command invocation, or passed through
a variable containing a list populated by file(GLOB).


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