[cmake-developers] Fw: Please comment on ios-universal topic

Bartosz Kosiorek Bartosz.Kosiorek at tomtom.com
Thu Dec 3 07:20:27 EST 2015

Hi again.

I get through link:

and I think it will be better to name this property:

Later such property name could be used also for Executables/Bundles etc.
And the result for both Libraries and Executables will be the same.

Best Regads

From: Bartosz Kosiorek
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 12:45 PM
To: Ruslan Baratov
Cc: Gregor Jasny; cmake-developers at cmake.org
Subject: Re: Fw: [cmake-developers] Please comment on ios-universal topic

Hello Ruslan

The Android supports both Universal Apk and Multi Apk.

It is necessary for deploy applications which support both armv7 (32bit) and armv8 (64bit).
There is also Intel's implementation of Android (x86)
All supported architectures you could found at:

It is possible to create universal library for Linux (FatElf), but it is not widely used:

I don't know how it works with Universal Windows Platform:
But I suspect that it will be similar.

Best Regards

From: Ruslan Baratov <ruslan_baratov at yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 11:06 AM
To: Bartosz Kosiorek
Cc: Gregor Jasny; cmake-developers at cmake.org
Subject: Re: Fw: [cmake-developers] Please comment on ios-universal topic

On 03-Dec-15 14:57, Bartosz Kosiorek wrote:
> Thanks Ruslan for feedback.
> I think that this new property should work also for FRAMEWORK and should support both OSX and iOS
> In that way it is already done for:
>   -  for SHARED library adding FRAMEWORK property produce correct Framework for iOS or OSX (for Cmake 3.5 the documentation was already updated), and standard library for other platforms
>   - for MACOSX_BUNDLE (the name of property is very confusing). It will produce BUNDLE for OSX or iOS.
>   - even standard SHARED library produce different results according to platform (.so file on Linux, .dll on Windows, .dylib on OSX)
> I strongly believe that this new CMake's property should follow this convention.
> Currently I'm working in project which must support multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, QNX etc.).
> And I very like CMake for automagicaly adopting to platform/architecture/OS.
> Because "Universal Library" is generic name, which is applicable for all platforms (Fat library is used on Apple machines),
> I would like to propose following  property name:
> For now it will be applicable only on iOS (OS X?), but it could be extended to other platforms (Android).
> Of course all supported platforms should be noticed in documentation.
> What do you think about that idea:
> Adding one property which will adopt to platform on which is build?
Actually it make sense to me. We just need to add a note to the
documentation that only Xcode + iOS libs supported for now and add new
types/platforms in future.

By the way does any other platform except Apple's OSX and iOS support
fat libraries? You've mentioned Android (?) I've found this link about
(quote: `developer Ryan Gordon declared FatELF to be dead`)


> Best Regards
> Bartosz
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> From: Ruslan Baratov <ruslan_baratov at yahoo.com>
> Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 4:09 AM
> To: Bartosz Kosiorek
> Cc: Gregor Jasny; cmake-developers at cmake.org
> Subject: Re: Fw: [cmake-developers] Please comment on ios-universal topic
> On 02-Dec-15 19:44, Bartosz Kosiorek wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Currently we already support similar target properties:
>> It will be great to follow the same name convention.
>> Because this new property is only applicable for INSTALL step, I would like to propose to rename property name to INSTALL_IOS_UNIVERSAL_LIBS.
>> What do you think about that idea?
> It's hard for me to decide what is better because
> IOS_INSTALL_UNIVERSAL_LIBS just came from my mind and I've used it for a
> while already. So now it looks solid for no reason :)
> However first note:
>     INSTALL_RPATH can be read as when we do INSTALL change RPATH to ...
> (any platform)
>     ANDROID_API -//- when we are on ANDROID use next API ...
>     WIN32_EXECUTABLE -//- when we are on WIN32 use bla-bla for EXECUTABLE
>     OSX_ARCHITECTURES -//- when we are on OSX use ARCHITECTURES
>     MACOSX_BUNDLE -//- when we are on MACOSX create BUNDLE
> So new property can be read as:
> (does it mean that when we are on Linux we can install iOS libs? does it
> mean that when we are on OSX without iOS toolchain we can do iOS libs?)
> Second note is about future improvements of this feature, installing
> universal libs on OSX or installing universal frameworks, pattern
> <platform>_INSTALL_UNIVERSAL_<type>:
>     INSTALL_UNIVERSAL_LIBS # on both OSX and iOS
>     IOS_INSTALL_UNIVERSAL # both libs and frameworks
>     OSX_INSTALL_UNIVERSAL # both libs and frameworks
>     INSTALL_UNIVERSAL # both libs and frameworks, both OSX and iOS
> ?
> Ruslo
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>> From: cmake-developers <cmake-developers-bounces at cmake.org> on behalf of Gregor Jasny via cmake-developers <cmake-developers at cmake.org>
>> Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 3:22 PM
>> To: CMake Developers; Ruslan Baratov
>> Subject: [cmake-developers] Please comment on ios-universal topic
>> Hello,
>> During the last days I worked on the iOS Universal Install topic which
>> now would benefit from a review. Especially the core changes could need
>> a third pair of eyes:
>> https://cmake.org/gitweb?p=stage/cmake.git;a=commit;h=8fb23b42cfc2fb7490e8645fff328add9c231713
>> I will now concentrate on adding more tests during the next days.
>> Thank you,
>> Gregor
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