[cmake-developers] Introductions and questions

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 05:45:40 EST 2014

Steve Wilson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just wanted to offer a quick introduction.   My name is Steve Wilson.  
> I work at Wolfram Research and have been the primary developer of build
> systems that use CMake as a build system generator.    In the course of
> using CMake to replace older systems I have had to make the occasional
> change to CMake to match older functionality or to work with requirements
> for our builds.   I have reported some of these changes to the Mantis
> tracker, some have been incorporated into the mainstream CMake and some
> have not.   As a result, I maintain a separate fork of  CMake for our
> purposes.    With the accelerated release schedule (with respect to the
> older CVS days when things moved a little slower) of CMake these days, I
> find it harder to keep my fork up-to-date.   I would like to go ahead and
> merge/submit some of my changes back to the project in order to simplify
> maintenance, etc…   Of course changes would have to be approved etc and I
> understand that approval may or may not happen on any given change, but
> this is the place to start so I’m starting.

Awesome, welcome!

> The first item I would like to see merged back to the project is issue
> 9974 in the Mantis tracker (CMake should support custom commands that can
> vary by configuration).   I am the author of the original set of patches
> submitted in that report.   I did not have time to follow up on that
> Mantis issue as responses developed, but can follow up now.

The bug is old, so it is hard to tell what is still missing/wanted/required.

I'll review your submission though when you send it.

> I also have a second set of changes that add support for Objective-C as a
> supported development language.   I understand that CMake does a pretty
> good job with Objective-C support as it is, but I have found my company’s
> needs for iOS related projects to require full support from CMake for
> Objective-C.


> I am happy to proceed according to any guidelines you have with regards to
> submitting patches or getting push access to the git CMake repository.   
> If you could let me know how you would like me to proceed I would
> appreciate the guidance.

These links should have all you need:





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