[cmake-developers] [PATCH] remove "x" placeholder from STREQUAL operands

Rolf Eike Beer eike at sf-mail.de
Sun Apr 13 04:07:25 EDT 2014

Am Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 09:59:03 schrieb Jiri Malak:
> >> I enclosed patch for removing placeholder "x" from STREQUAL operands.
> >> It does comparision transparent.
> > 
> > I very much would like to see that, but there is a problem: CMake may
> > interpret the operands of STREQUAL both as text and as variable name.
> > 
> > So this does what you expect for the moment:
> > 
> > if (${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME} STREQUAL Linux) ...
> > 
> > But now you will get into trouble:
> > 
> > set(Linux Windows)
> > 
> > Sadly the expression is even expanded when it is quoted as long as it is a
> > valid variable name.

> Sorry, I am new for CMake script.
> Is it also true for quoted operands?


One other way to solve this: if you are sure both expressions are indeed 
variables you may simply write "if (foo STREQUAL bar)": the expression will 
always be expanded and you don't need any quoting. This is why e.g. things 
like CMAKE_* are rarely quoted or expanded by hand in such an expression, it 
is known that they will be a variable and will be expanded.

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