[cmake-developers] cmake building from source with travis-ci (osx host)

Andras Csizmadia andras at vpmedia.hu
Fri Apr 11 08:59:37 EDT 2014


I would like to build CMake from source for a customized toolchain using 
Travis-CI, but I can't solve the following issue (or related to that):

"CMake Error at Utilities/cmlibarchive/CMakeLists.txt:316 

Unknown CMake command "CHECK_HEADER_DIRENT"."

I've experienced this with different versions of CMake source code - 
also on Windows host using Cygwin,
but an update to the latest source to git/master resolved it on 
Windows+cygwin side.
Anyways with travis-ci on macosx it's still not working.

You can check out the whole log file here:

Any pointers?

Best Regards,
Andrew Csizmadia

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