[cmake-developers] hdf5 dependency on mpi (was: CMake 2.8.11-rc3 ready for testing!)

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Apr 22 11:07:45 EDT 2013

On 04/22/2013 10:46 AM, Biddiscombe, John A. wrote:
> "C:\Program Files\hdf5-1.8.11\cmake\hdf5\hdf5-config.cmake"
> find_package(HDF5 NO_MODULE)
> then the user’s project has a ‘hidden’ dependency on mpi

In similar cases (in VTK and ITK) we have the package config file
do find_package() for transitive dependencies.  One may pre-populate
any cache entries that the find module needs using the results from
the original build tree (assuming the dependency does not move).

> What I’d like to di, is in the target import declared by hdf5,
> add in this transitive link dependency to m pi.

That's basically what I describe above.

> In the past I was advised not to do this, but my hope is that
> this can be expressed nicely with the new syntax

Can you link to where that advice was given?

The new features do not provide a new way to solve this problem


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