[cmake-developers] Incomplete gfortran library link command sometimes mysteriously occurs with MinGW/MSYS on Wine-1.5.15 platform

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Tue Oct 23 19:12:18 EDT 2012

If you have time (and energy) please also try out the latest release
candidate for 2.8.10 found here:

If all goes well tonight, I'll be building and uploading an rc3 tomorrow.

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 7:07 PM, Alan W. Irwin
<irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca> wrote:
> On 2012-10-23 17:41-0400 David Cole wrote:
>> Short update:
>>  - I ran the script Alan sent me on a "real" Windows 7 machine, and
>> didnot reproduce the problem while using the pre-built binary install
>> of CMake 2.8.9
> Thanks, David, for running that test which appears to rule out a
> compiler bug (for whatever C++ compiler was used to build the
> pre-built binary of CMake-2.8.9).  So at this point a scenario where
> that C++ compiler uses new Windows API that Wine does not implement
> properly (while MinGW sticks to more common Windows API that Wine does
> implement correctly) is looking more likely.
> It appears the next step on your side is for Bill is to run his expert
> eye over the details he requested for my good build tree and bad build
> tree. He has just requested those details for the second time (which I
> just sent for the second time), and hopefully they will actually reach
> him this time.  My guess is he will also want to compare those results
> with your own "good" build tree for the same test case.
> Meanwhile, I am going to attempt to repeat all my good PLplot, ephcom,
> and te_gen tests here using MinGW/gcc-version 4.7.0 (the version you
> get if you use the latest MinGW automatic installer and you request
> updates to the precanned versions).  These tests, of course, will be
> for cmake bootstrapped with the MinGW/gcc-version 4.7.0. The
> motivation for these additional tests is to future-proof my results
> (i.e., make sure MinGW version is not critical to my recent success on
> the MinGW/MSYS/Wine platform).  These tests if successful should also
> help to reduce concerns that there is any memory management issues in
> the CMake-2.8.9 source code.  Of course, I will also try the same
> canned test you tried for this new MinGW version both for the
> bootstrapped CMake and the downloaded Windows binary version of CMake,
> but my expectation is the result will be the same (bootstrapped CMake
> generates the correct Fortran link command while the downloaded
> Windows binary version does not).  But we will see.
> Alan
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