[cmake-developers] [CMake 0013571]: Empty FOLDERs in Visual Studio Solutions shown from external targets

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Thu Oct 4 11:49:34 EDT 2012

The following issue has been SUBMITTED. 
Reported By:                rlandert
Assigned To:                
Project:                    CMake
Issue ID:                   13571
Category:                   CMake
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   minor
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     new
Date Submitted:             2012-10-04 17:49 CEST
Last Modified:              2012-10-04 17:49 CEST
Summary:                    Empty FOLDERs in Visual Studio Solutions shown from
external targets
In the Visual Studio Solutions of targets which are defined in subfolders, all
Visual Studio FOLDERS (target property) from previously defined targets are
shown, even if these targets are not contained in the solution.

Example (see attachment):

In the toplevel directory there is a project definition for project test, which
includes the two subdirectories test1 and test2 via:
 * add_subdirectory(test1)
 * add_subdirectory(test2)

Inside these folders the projects test1 and test2 are defined, which generate
the executables test1.exe and test2.exe.

For these targets the Visual Studio Folders are defined in the according
CMakeLists.txt files via:
 * set_property(TARGET test1 PROPERTY FOLDER "test1Dir")
 * set_property(TARGET test2 PROPERTY FOLDER "test2Dir")

In the global solution file test.sln both targets are shown in the correct
 * test1Dir/test1
 * test2Dir/test2

In the solution files for the subprojects, the (empty) folder for the other
target is shown although it is not part of the solution. E.g. in solution
test1.sln the empty folder test2Dir is shown.

Tested with CMake 2.8.9 and Visual Studio 2008.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Unpack attached file
2. Generate Visual Studio Solutions with CMake
3. Open test.sln -> targets test1 and test2 are correctly shown in subfolder
test1Dir and test2Dir
4. Open test1/test1.sln -> empty folder test2Dir is shown
5. Open test2/test2.sln -> empty folder test1Dir is shown

Additional Information: 
The reason seems to be that the variable VisualStudioFolders in the file
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator.cxx is not cleared between the generation of the
different Solution files.

My solution was to call VisualStudioFolders.clear() at the beginning of the
method cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator::WriteTargetsToSolution, although i'm not
sure whether this is the correct place for this. The patch can be found in the
attached file.


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