[cmake-developers] [CMake 0013150]: Manual page formatting fixes

Eric Noulard eric.noulard at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 18:38:53 EDT 2012

2012/4/20 Rolf Eike Beer <eike at sf-mail.de>:
>> The attached is a patch with manual page formatting fixes for 2.8.8. Issues
>> were detected by Lintian, Debian Q/A tool.
> This always happens after a new version, no?

Yes I think that since Modestas is the maintainer of the cmake debian package
he discovers the problem when preparing the cmake package for sid.

Is it the case Modestas?

> Can we get that tool as part of
> the build process somehow so we get that on the nightly builds?

You are right, and I was thinking of this.
I think we can easily do that if we add a CPackDeb test
which build cmake .deb package using CPack DEB.
Then run lintian (if found) on the package.

Unfortunately we will get more warning than wanted because
CPackDeb does not [yet] produce package which are
lintian-OK, but we could at least grep the error on the manpage.

Initially we could just run
lintian --check-part manpages cmake-xxxxx.deb

and error concerning manpages.

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