[cmake-developers] FindCXX11.cmake

Rolf Eike Beer eike at sf-mail.de
Wed Apr 4 04:13:17 EDT 2012

> Hi!
> I'm going to write FinCXX11.cmake that will do the following:
> * find compiler flags that enable C++11 functionality, and store them in
> * declare a component for some (each?) new language feature, and test it
> using check_cxx_source_compiles().
> I have a few questions:
> - for each of supported compilers other than gcc and clang, which flags
> should I check?
> - for each new language feature, do you have a minimal code example that
> check if this feature is available?

I already have such a macro (for the feature tests, not the compiler flag)
on my disk. I'll can send you the patches tonight.

An older version of the patch can be found in


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