[cmake-developers] CMake platform support for TI C6000 and TMS470 (OMAP)

Trevor Kellaway tkellaway at asl-vision.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 09:00:02 EDT 2010


> > For the assembler support I note that if I put 
> > tool chain file CMake locks up, this also happens if I put it in my
> > "Platform/Generic-cl6x.cmake", I have had to put it in 
> either top level
> > CMakeLists.txt or a normal include file included from it. 
> It would make
> > more sense to be in the compiler file or toolchain file, I haven't
> > looked into this further.
> Why would you want to put enable_language() into these files ?
> It is not intended to be put there.

My end users just want to include support for a specific TI compiler,
and neither no nor care that they have to do something special to enable
assembler support along with compilation (they wouldn't expect this).
Therefore that is why I thought it would be cleaner to do it this way,
by them just specifying a tool chain file and not having to change their
local CMakelists.txt.

> > The TI tools are available on both Linux and Windows (I use both). I
> Are there versions which can be downloaded for free, 
> evaluation versions or something ?
> Do you have a link ?

For the forward/backslash problem the same situation also arises for the
compiler and linker. It appears that if the tool is invoked in Windows
with an absolute filename (with forward slashes) and it is *not* in the
environments PATH then it attempts to locate the other tools it needs
for the different compilation pass by looking at its $0 argument, and
they obviously assume backslashes at this point hence it silently fails
to discover/run these other tools.

Currently the only workaround is to add the compiler to the environment
PATH, which isn't nice as this info is duplicated in the tool chain

The alternative is to persuade CMake to either cache the path with
backslashes or provide another method of changing this before compiler
invocation. I haven't yet had a chance to look at the source code for

A free Windows install is not available.


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