Check if given Fortran source compiles and links into an executable:

CHECK_Fortran_SOURCE_COMPILES(<code> <var> [FAIL_REGEX <fail-regex>]
                              [SRC_EXT <ext>])

The arguments are:

Source code to try to compile. It must define a PROGRAM entry point.
Variable to store whether the source code compiled. Will be created as an internal cache variable.
FAIL_REGEX <fail-regex>
Fail if test output matches this regex.
SRC_EXT <ext>
Use source extension .<ext> instead of the default .F.

The following variables may be set before calling this macro to modify the way the check is run:

CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS = string of compile command line flags
CMAKE_REQUIRED_DEFINITIONS = list of macros to define (-DFOO=bar)
CMAKE_REQUIRED_INCLUDES = list of include directories
CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES = list of libraries to link
CMAKE_REQUIRED_QUIET = execute quietly without messages