Perform the CTest MemCheck Step as a Dashboard Client.

ctest_memcheck([BUILD <build-dir>] [APPEND]
               [START <start-number>]
               [END <end-number>]
               [STRIDE <stride-number>]
               [EXCLUDE <exclude-regex>]
               [INCLUDE <include-regex>]
               [EXCLUDE_LABEL <label-exclude-regex>]
               [INCLUDE_LABEL <label-include-regex>]
               [PARALLEL_LEVEL <level>]
               [TEST_LOAD <threshold>]
               [SCHEDULE_RANDOM <ON|OFF>]
               [STOP_TIME <time-of-day>]
               [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>]
               [DEFECT_COUNT <defect-count-var>]

Run tests with a dynamic analysis tool and store results in MemCheck.xml for submission with the ctest_submit() command.

Most options are the same as those for the ctest_test() command.

The options unique to this command are:

DEFECT_COUNT <defect-count-var>

Store in the <defect-count-var> the number of defects found.