Set the minimum required version of cmake for a project and update Policy Settings to match the version given:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION major.minor[.patch[.tweak]]

If the current version of CMake is lower than that required it will stop processing the project and report an error.

The FATAL_ERROR option is accepted but ignored by CMake 2.6 and higher. It should be specified so CMake versions 2.4 and lower fail with an error instead of just a warning.


Call the cmake_minimum_required() command at the beginning of the top-level CMakeLists.txt file even before calling the project() command. It is important to establish version and policy settings before invoking other commands whose behavior they may affect. See also policy CMP0000.

Calling cmake_minimum_required() inside a function() limits some effects to the function scope when invoked. Such calls should not be made with the intention of having global effects.

Policy Settings

The cmake_minimum_required(VERSION) command implicitly invokes the cmake_policy(VERSION) command to specify that the current project code is written for the given version of CMake. All policies introduced in the specified version or earlier will be set to use NEW behavior. All policies introduced after the specified version will be unset. This effectively requests behavior preferred as of a given CMake version and tells newer CMake versions to warn about their new policies.

When a version higher than 2.4 is specified the command implicitly invokes:

cmake_policy(VERSION major[.minor[.patch[.tweak]]])

which sets the cmake policy version level to the version specified. When version 2.4 or lower is given the command implicitly invokes:

cmake_policy(VERSION 2.4)

which enables compatibility features for CMake 2.4 and lower.