Find the Gettext libintl headers and libraries.

This module reports information about the Gettext libintl installation in several variables. General variables:

Intl_FOUND - true if the libintl headers and libraries were found
Intl_INCLUDE_DIRS - the directory containing the libintl headers
Intl_LIBRARIES - libintl libraries to be linked

The following cache variables may also be set:

Intl_INCLUDE_DIR - the directory containing the libintl headers
Intl_LIBRARY - the libintl library (if any)


On some platforms, such as Linux with GNU libc, the gettext functions are present in the C standard library and libintl is not required. Intl_LIBRARIES will be empty in this case.


If you wish to use the Gettext tools (msgmerge, msgfmt, etc.), use FindGettext.