This module looks for Doxygen and the path to Graphviz’s dot

Doxygen is a documentation generation tool. Please see

This module accepts the following optional variables:

DOXYGEN_SKIP_DOT       = If true this module will skip trying to find Dot
                         (an optional component often used by Doxygen)

This modules defines the following variables:

DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE     = The path to the doxygen command.
DOXYGEN_FOUND          = Was Doxygen found or not?
DOXYGEN_VERSION        = The version reported by doxygen --version
DOXYGEN_DOT_EXECUTABLE = The path to the dot program used by doxygen.
DOXYGEN_DOT_FOUND      = Was Dot found or not?

For compatibility with older versions of CMake, the now-deprecated variable DOXYGEN_DOT_PATH is set to the path to the directory containing dot as reported in DOXYGEN_DOT_EXECUTABLE. The path may have forward slashes even on Windows and is not suitable for direct substitution into a template. If you need this value, use get_filename_component() to compute it from DOXYGEN_DOT_EXECUTABLE directly, and perhaps the file(TO_NATIVE_PATH) command to prepare the path for a Doxygen configuration file.