Perform the CTest Coverage Step as a Dashboard Client.

ctest_coverage([BUILD <build-dir>] [APPEND]
               [LABELS <label>...]
               [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>]

Collect coverage tool results and stores them in Coverage.xml for submission with the ctest_submit() command.

The options are:

BUILD <build-dir>
Specify the top-level build directory. If not given, the CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY variable is used.
Mark results for append to those previously submitted to a dashboard server since the last ctest_start() call. Append semantics are defined by the dashboard server in use.
Filter the coverage report to include only source files labeled with at least one of the labels specified.
RETURN_VALUE <result-var>
Store in the <result-var> variable 0 if coverage tools ran without error and non-zero otherwise.
Suppress any CTest-specific non-error output that would have been printed to the console otherwise. The summary indicating how many lines of code were covered is unaffected by this option.