Include this module to search for compiler-provided system runtime libraries and add install rules for them. Some optional variables may be set prior to including the module to adjust behavior:


Specify additional runtime libraries that may not be detected. After inclusion any detected libraries will be appended to this.


Set to TRUE to skip calling the install(PROGRAMS) command to allow the includer to specify its own install rule, using the value of CMAKE_INSTALL_SYSTEM_RUNTIME_LIBS to get the list of libraries.


Set to TRUE to install the debug runtime libraries when available with MSVC tools.


Set to TRUE to install only the debug runtime libraries with MSVC tools even if the release runtime libraries are also available.


Set to TRUE to install the MSVC MFC runtime libraries.


Set to TRUE to install the MSVC OpenMP runtime libraries


Specify the install(PROGRAMS) command DESTINATION option. If not specified, the default is bin on Windows and lib elsewhere.


Set to TRUE to disable warnings about required library files that do not exist. (For example, Visual Studio Express editions may not provide the redistributable files.)


Specify the install(PROGRAMS) command COMPONENT option. If not specified, no such option will be used.