Find LibLZMA

Find LibLZMA headers and library

LIBLZMA_FOUND             - True if liblzma is found.
LIBLZMA_INCLUDE_DIRS      - Directory where liblzma headers are located.
LIBLZMA_LIBRARIES         - Lzma libraries to link against.
LIBLZMA_HAS_AUTO_DECODER  - True if lzma_auto_decoder() is found (required).
LIBLZMA_HAS_EASY_ENCODER  - True if lzma_easy_encoder() is found (required).
LIBLZMA_HAS_LZMA_PRESET   - True if lzma_lzma_preset() is found (required).
LIBLZMA_VERSION_MAJOR     - The major version of lzma
LIBLZMA_VERSION_MINOR     - The minor version of lzma
LIBLZMA_VERSION_PATCH     - The patch version of lzma
LIBLZMA_VERSION_STRING    - version number as a string (ex: "5.0.3")