New in version 3.5.

Deprecated since version 3.28: IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED was designed to make universal binaries containing iOS/arm* device code paired with iOS Simulator/x86_64 code (or similar for other Apple embedded platforms). Universal binaries can only differentiate code based on CPU type, so this only made sense before the days of arm64 macOS machines (i.e. iOS Simulator/arm64). Apple now recommends xcframeworks, which contain multiple binaries for different platforms, for this use case.

Build a combined (device and simulator) target when installing.

When this property is set to false, which is the default, then it will either be built with the device SDK or the simulator SDK depending on the SDK set. But if this property is set to true then the target will at install time also be built for the other SDK and combined into one library.


If a selected architecture is available for both device SDK and simulator SDK it will be built for the SDK selected by CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT and removed from the other SDK.

This feature requires at least Xcode version 6.