Flags for all build types.

<LANG> flags used regardless of the value of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE.

This is initialized for each language from environment variables:

  • CMAKE_C_FLAGS: Initialized by the CFLAGS environment variable.

  • CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS: Initialized by the CXXFLAGS environment variable.

  • CMAKE_CUDA_FLAGS: Initialized by the CUDAFLAGS environment variable.

  • CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS: Initialized by the FFLAGS environment variable.

This value is a command-line string fragment. Therefore, multiple options should be separated by spaces, and options with spaces should be quoted.

The flags in this variable will be passed to the compiler before those in the per-configuration CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_<CONFIG> variant, and before flags added by the add_compile_options() or target_compile_options() commands.