Add expected compiler features to a target.

target_compile_features(<target> <PRIVATE|PUBLIC|INTERFACE> <feature> [...])

Specifies compiler features required when compiling a given target. If the feature is not listed in the CMAKE_C_COMPILE_FEATURES variable or CMAKE_CXX_COMPILE_FEATURES variable, then an error will be reported by CMake. If the use of the feature requires an additional compiler flag, such as -std=gnu++11, the flag will be added automatically.

The INTERFACE, PUBLIC and PRIVATE keywords are required to specify the scope of the features. PRIVATE and PUBLIC items will populate the COMPILE_FEATURES property of <target>. PUBLIC and INTERFACE items will populate the INTERFACE_COMPILE_FEATURES property of <target>. (IMPORTED targets only support INTERFACE items.) Repeated calls for the same <target> append items.

The named <target> must have been created by a command such as add_executable() or add_library() and must not be an ALIAS target.

Arguments to target_compile_features may use “generator expressions” with the syntax $<...>. See the cmake-generator-expressions(7) manual for available expressions. See the cmake-compile-features(7) manual for information on compile features and a list of supported compilers.