OpenThreads is a C++ based threading library. Its largest userbase seems to OpenSceneGraph so you might notice I accept OSGDIR as an environment path. I consider this part of the Findosg* suite used to find OpenSceneGraph components. Each component is separate and you must opt in to each module.

Locate OpenThreads This module defines OPENTHREADS_LIBRARY OPENTHREADS_FOUND, if false, do not try to link to OpenThreads OPENTHREADS_INCLUDE_DIR, where to find the headers

$OPENTHREADS_DIR is an environment variable that would correspond to the ./configure –prefix=$OPENTHREADS_DIR used in building osg.

[CMake 2.8.10]: The CMake variables OPENTHREADS_DIR or OSG_DIR can now be used as well to influence detection, instead of needing to specify an environment variable.

Created by Eric Wing.