Visual Studio 12 2013

Generates Visual Studio 12 (VS 2013) project files.

The CMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM variable may be set to specify a target platform name (architecture).

For compatibility with CMake versions prior to 3.1, one may specify a target platform name optionally at the end of this generator name:

Visual Studio 12 2013 Win64

Specify target platform x64.

Visual Studio 12 2013 ARM

Specify target platform ARM.

For compatibility with CMake versions prior to 3.0, one may specify this generator using the name “Visual Studio 12” without the year component.

Toolset Selection

The v120 toolset that comes with Visual Studio 12 2013 is selected by default. The CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET option may be set, perhaps via the cmake(1) -T option, to specify another toolset.

For each toolset that comes with this version of Visual Studio, there are variants that are themselves compiled for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) hosts (independent of the architecture they target). By default Visual Studio chooses the 32-bit variant even on a 64-bit host. One may request use of the 64-bit host tools by adding a host=x64 option to the toolset specification. See the CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET variable for details.