Path used for searching by FIND_XXX(), with appropriate suffixes added.

Specifies a path which will be used by the FIND_XXX() commands. It contains the “base” directories, the FIND_XXX() commands append appropriate subdirectories to the base directories. So FIND_PROGRAM() adds /bin to each of the directories in the path, FIND_LIBRARY() appends /lib to each of the directories, and FIND_PATH() and FIND_FILE() append /include . By default this contains the standard directories for the current system, the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and the CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX. It is NOT intended to be modified by the project, use CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH for this. See also CMAKE_SYSTEM_INCLUDE_PATH, CMAKE_SYSTEM_LIBRARY_PATH, CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROGRAM_PATH, and CMAKE_SYSTEM_IGNORE_PATH.