SWIG module for CMake

Defines the following macros:

SWIG_ADD_MODULE(name language [ files ])
  - Define swig module with given name and specified language
SWIG_LINK_LIBRARIES(name [ libraries ])
  - Link libraries to swig module

All other macros are for internal use only. To get the actual name of the swig module, use: ${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME}. Set Source files properties such as CPLUSPLUS and SWIG_FLAGS to specify special behavior of SWIG. Also global CMAKE_SWIG_FLAGS can be used to add special flags to all swig calls. Another special variable is CMAKE_SWIG_OUTDIR, it allows one to specify where to write all the swig generated module (swig -outdir option) The name-specific variable SWIG_MODULE_<name>_EXTRA_DEPS may be used to specify extra dependencies for the generated modules. If the source file generated by swig need some special flag you can use:

set_source_files_properties( ${swig_generated_file_fullname}