Locate Qt include paths and libraries

This module defines:

QT_INCLUDE_DIR    - where to find qt.h, etc.
QT_LIBRARIES      - the libraries to link against to use Qt.
QT_DEFINITIONS    - definitions to use when
                    compiling code that uses Qt.
QT_FOUND          - If false, don't try to use Qt.
QT_VERSION_STRING - the version of Qt found

If you need the multithreaded version of Qt, set QT_MT_REQUIRED to TRUE

Also defined, but not for general use are:

QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE, where to find the moc tool.
QT_UIC_EXECUTABLE, where to find the uic tool.
QT_QT_LIBRARY, where to find the Qt library.
QT_QTMAIN_LIBRARY, where to find the qtmain
 library. This is only required by Qt3 on Windows.