Find the curses include file and library

CURSES_FOUND - system has Curses
CURSES_INCLUDE_DIR - the Curses include directory
CURSES_LIBRARIES - The libraries needed to use Curses
CURSES_HAVE_CURSES_H - true if curses.h is available
CURSES_HAVE_NCURSES_H - true if ncurses.h is available
CURSES_HAVE_NCURSES_NCURSES_H - true if ncurses/ncurses.h is available
CURSES_HAVE_NCURSES_CURSES_H - true if ncurses/curses.h is available
CURSES_LIBRARY - set for backwards compatibility with 2.4 CMake

Set CURSES_NEED_NCURSES to TRUE before the find_package() command if NCurses functionality is required.