Set a property of the tests.

set_tests_properties(test1 [test2...] PROPERTIES prop1 value1 prop2 value2)

Set a property for the tests. If the property is not found, CMake will report an error. Generator expressions will be expanded the same as supported by the test’s add_test call. The properties include:

WILL_FAIL: If set to true, this will invert the pass/fail flag of the test.

PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION: If set, the test output will be checked against the specified regular expressions and at least one of the regular expressions has to match, otherwise the test will fail.

Example: PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "TestPassed;All ok"

FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION: If set, if the output will match to one of specified regular expressions, the test will fail.

Example: PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "[^a-z]Error;ERROR;Failed"

Both PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION and FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION expect a list of regular expressions.

TIMEOUT: Setting this will limit the test runtime to the number of seconds specified.