Set a named property in a given scope.

set_property(<GLOBAL                            |
              DIRECTORY [dir]                   |
              TARGET    [target1 [target2 ...]] |
              SOURCE    [src1 [src2 ...]]       |
              TEST      [test1 [test2 ...]]     |
              CACHE     [entry1 [entry2 ...]]>
             [APPEND] [APPEND_STRING]
             PROPERTY <name> [value1 [value2 ...]])

Set one property on zero or more objects of a scope. The first argument determines the scope in which the property is set. It must be one of the following:

GLOBAL scope is unique and does not accept a name.

DIRECTORY scope defaults to the current directory but another directory (already processed by CMake) may be named by full or relative path.

TARGET scope may name zero or more existing targets.

SOURCE scope may name zero or more source files. Note that source file properties are visible only to targets added in the same directory (CMakeLists.txt).

TEST scope may name zero or more existing tests.

CACHE scope must name zero or more cache existing entries.

The required PROPERTY option is immediately followed by the name of the property to set. Remaining arguments are used to compose the property value in the form of a semicolon-separated list. If the APPEND option is given the list is appended to any existing property value.If the APPEND_STRING option is given the string is append to any existing property value as string, i.e. it results in a longer string and not a list of strings.