Run tests in the project build tree.

ctest_test([BUILD build_dir] [APPEND]
           [START start number] [END end number]
           [STRIDE stride number] [EXCLUDE exclude regex ]
           [INCLUDE include regex] [RETURN_VALUE res]
           [EXCLUDE_LABEL exclude regex]
           [INCLUDE_LABEL label regex]
           [PARALLEL_LEVEL level]
           [SCHEDULE_RANDOM on]
           [STOP_TIME time of day])

Tests the given build directory and stores results in Test.xml. The second argument is a variable that will hold value. Optionally, you can specify the starting test number START, the ending test number END, the number of tests to skip between each test STRIDE, a regular expression for tests to run INCLUDE, or a regular expression for tests to not run EXCLUDE. EXCLUDE_LABEL and INCLUDE_LABEL are regular expression for test to be included or excluded by the test property LABEL. PARALLEL_LEVEL should be set to a positive number representing the number of tests to be run in parallel. SCHEDULE_RANDOM will launch tests in a random order, and is typically used to detect implicit test dependencies. STOP_TIME is the time of day at which the tests should all stop running.

The APPEND option marks results for append to those previously submitted to a dashboard server since the last ctest_start. Append semantics are defined by the dashboard server in use.