New in version 3.12.

Visual Studio Platform Toolset version.

The Visual Studio Generators for VS 2017 and above allow to select minor versions of the same toolset. The toolset version number may be specified by a field in CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET of the form version=14.11. If none is specified CMake will choose a default toolset. The value may be empty if no minor version was selected and the default is used.

If the value is not empty, it is the version number that MSBuild uses in its Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.props file names.

New in version 3.19.7: VS 16.9's toolset may also be specified as because VS 16.10 uses the file name Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.

Three-Component MSVC Toolset Versions

New in version 3.19.7.

The version= field may be given a three-component toolset version such as 14.28.29910, and CMake will convert it to the name used by MSBuild Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.props files. This is useful to distinguish between VS 16.8's 14.28.29333 toolset and VS 16.9's 14.28.29910 toolset. It also matches vcvarsall's -vcvars_ver= behavior.