New in version 3.23.

Semicolon-separated list of search prefixes to be ignored by the find_program(), find_library(), find_file(), and find_path() commands. The prefixes are also ignored by the Config mode of the find_package() command (Module mode is unaffected). To ignore specific directories instead, see CMAKE_SYSTEM_IGNORE_PATH.

Ignoring search locations can be useful in cross-compiling environments where some system directories contain incompatible but possibly linkable libraries. For example, on cross-compiled cluster environments, this allows a user to ignore directories containing libraries meant for the front-end machine.

CMAKE_SYSTEM_IGNORE_PREFIX_PATH is populated by CMake as part of its platform and toolchain setup. Its purpose is to ignore locations containing incompatible binaries meant for the host rather than the target platform. The project or end user should not modify this variable, they should use CMAKE_IGNORE_PREFIX_PATH instead.

See also the following variables: