New in version 3.7.

Find Vulkan, which is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and computing API.


This module defines IMPORTED target Vulkan::Vulkan, if Vulkan has been found.

New in version 3.19: This module defines IMPORTED target Vulkan::glslc, if Vulkan and the GLSLC SPIR-V compiler has been found.

Result Variables

This module defines the following variables:

Vulkan_FOUND          - "True" if Vulkan was found
Vulkan_INCLUDE_DIRS   - include directories for Vulkan
Vulkan_LIBRARIES      - link against this library to use Vulkan

The module will also define three cache variables:

Vulkan_INCLUDE_DIR        - the Vulkan include directory
Vulkan_LIBRARY            - the path to the Vulkan library
Vulkan_GLSLC_EXECUTABLE   - the path to the GLSL SPIR-V compiler


New in version 3.18.

The VULKAN_SDK environment variable optionally specifies the location of the Vulkan SDK root directory for the given architecture. It is typically set by sourcing the toplevel script of the Vulkan SDK directory into the shell environment.