This module finds Tcl stub libraries. It first finds Tcl include files and libraries by calling FindTCL.cmake. How to Use the Tcl Stubs Library:

Using Stub Libraries:

This code sets the following variables:

TCL_STUB_LIBRARY       = path to Tcl stub library
TK_STUB_LIBRARY        = path to Tk stub library
TTK_STUB_LIBRARY       = path to ttk stub library

In an effort to remove some clutter and clear up some issues for people who are not necessarily Tcl/Tk gurus/developers, some variables were moved or removed. Changes compared to CMake 2.4 are:

=> these libs are not packaged by default with Tcl/Tk distributions.
   Even when Tcl/Tk is built from source, several flavors of debug libs
   are created and there is no real reason to pick a single one
   specifically (say, amongst tclstub84g, tclstub84gs, or tclstub84sgx).
   Let's leave that choice to the user by allowing him to assign
   TCL_STUB_LIBRARY to any Tcl library, debug or not.