Extract information from a subversion working copy

The module defines the following variables:

Subversion_SVN_EXECUTABLE - path to svn command line client
Subversion_VERSION_SVN - version of svn command line client
Subversion_FOUND - true if the command line client was found
SUBVERSION_FOUND - same as Subversion_FOUND, set for compatibility reasons

The minimum required version of Subversion can be specified using the standard syntax, e.g. find_package(Subversion 1.4).

If the command line client executable is found two macros are defined:

Subversion_WC_INFO(<dir> <var-prefix> [IGNORE_SVN_FAILURE])
Subversion_WC_LOG(<dir> <var-prefix>)

Subversion_WC_INFO extracts information of a subversion working copy at a given location. This macro defines the following variables if running Subversion's info command on <dir> succeeds; otherwise a SEND_ERROR message is generated.

New in version 3.13: The error can be ignored by providing the IGNORE_SVN_FAILURE option, which causes these variables to remain undefined.

<var-prefix>_WC_URL - url of the repository (at <dir>)
<var-prefix>_WC_ROOT - root url of the repository
<var-prefix>_WC_REVISION - current revision
<var-prefix>_WC_LAST_CHANGED_AUTHOR - author of last commit
<var-prefix>_WC_LAST_CHANGED_DATE - date of last commit
<var-prefix>_WC_LAST_CHANGED_REV - revision of last commit
<var-prefix>_WC_INFO - output of command `svn info <dir>'

Subversion_WC_LOG retrieves the log message of the base revision of a subversion working copy at a given location. This macro defines the variable:

<var-prefix>_LAST_CHANGED_LOG - last log of base revision

Example usage:

  Subversion_WC_INFO(${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} Project)
  message("Current revision is ${Project_WC_REVISION}")
  Subversion_WC_LOG(${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} Project)
  message("Last changed log is ${Project_LAST_CHANGED_LOG}")