-- Typical Use

This module can be used to find Squish.

SQUISH_FOUND                    If false, don't try to use Squish
SQUISH_VERSION                  The full version of Squish found
SQUISH_VERSION_MAJOR            The major version of Squish found
SQUISH_VERSION_MINOR            The minor version of Squish found
SQUISH_VERSION_PATCH            The patch version of Squish found
SQUISH_INSTALL_DIR              The Squish installation directory
                                (containing bin, lib, etc)
SQUISH_SERVER_EXECUTABLE        The squishserver executable
SQUISH_CLIENT_EXECUTABLE        The squishrunner executable
SQUISH_INSTALL_DIR_FOUND        Was the install directory found?
SQUISH_SERVER_EXECUTABLE_FOUND  Was the server executable found?
SQUISH_CLIENT_EXECUTABLE_FOUND  Was the client executable found?

It provides the function squish_add_test() for adding a squish test to cmake using Squish >= 4.x:

  AUT targetName SUITE suiteName TEST squishTestName
  [SETTINGSGROUP group] [PRE_COMMAND command] [POST_COMMAND command] )

Changed in version 3.18: In previous CMake versions, this function was named squish_v4_add_test.

The arguments have the following meaning:


this will be used as the first argument for add_test()

AUT targetName

the name of the cmake target which will be used as AUT, i.e. the executable which will be tested.

SUITE suiteName

this is either the full path to the squish suite, or just the last directory of the suite, i.e. the suite name. In this case the CMakeLists.txt which calls squish_add_test() must be located in the parent directory of the suite directory.

TEST squishTestName

the name of the squish test, i.e. the name of the subdirectory of the test inside the suite directory.


deprecated, this argument will be ignored.


if specified, the given command will be executed before starting the squish test.


same as PRE_COMMAND, but after the squish test has been executed.

find_package(Squish 6.5)
     AUT myApp
     SUITE ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/tests/mySuite
     TEST someSquishTest
endif ()

For users of Squish version 3.x the macro squish_v3_add_test() is provided:

squish_v3_add_test(testName applicationUnderTest testCase envVars testWrapper)
Use this macro to add a test using Squish 3.x.
find_package(Squish 3.0)
  squish_v3_add_test(myTestName myApplication testCase envVars testWrapper)
endif ()