New in version 3.7.

Create a test that automatically loads specified data onto an Android device.


Use this module to push data needed for testing an Android device behavior onto a connected Android device. The module will accept files and libraries as well as separate destinations for each. It will create a test that loads the files into a device object store and link to them from the specified destination. The files are only uploaded if they are not already in the object store.

For example:

  FILES <files>...
  LIBS <libs>...
  DEVICE_TEST_DIR "/data/local/tests/example"
  DEVICE_OBJECT_STORE "/sdcard/.ExternalData/SHA"

At build time a test named "example_setup_test" will be created. Run this test on the command line with ctest(1) to load the data onto the Android device.

Module Functions

  [FILES <files>...] [FILES_DEST <device-dir>]
  [LIBS <libs>...]   [LIBS_DEST <device-dir>]
  [DEVICE_OBJECT_STORE <device-dir>]
  [DEVICE_TEST_DIR <device-dir>]
  [NO_LINK_REGEX <strings>...]

The android_add_test_data function is used to copy files and libraries needed to run project-specific tests. On the host operating system, this is done at build time. For on-device testing, the files are loaded onto the device by the manufactured test at run time.

This function accepts the following named parameters:

FILES <files>...

zero or more files needed for testing

LIBS <libs>...

zero or more libraries needed for testing

FILES_DEST <device-dir>

absolute path where the data files are expected to be

LIBS_DEST <device-dir>

absolute path where the libraries are expected to be


absolute path to the location where the data is stored on-device

DEVICE_TEST_DIR <device-dir>

absolute path to the root directory of the on-device test location

NO_LINK_REGEX <strings>...

list of regex strings matching the names of files that should be copied from the object store to the testing directory