New in version 3.29.

This variable defines how to specify the linker for the link step for the type as specified by the variable CMAKE_LINKER_TYPE or the target property LINKER_TYPE. It can hold compiler flags for the link step or directly the linker tool. The type of data is given by the variable CMAKE_<LANG>_USING_LINKER_MODE.

For example, to specify the LLVM linker for GNU compilers, we have:

set(CMAKE_C_USING_LINKER_LLD "-fuse-ld=lld")

Or on Windows platform, for Clang compilers simulating MSVC, we have:

set(CMAKE_C_USING_LINKER_LLD "-fuse-ld=lld-link")

And for the MSVC compiler, linker is directly used, so we have:

set(CMAKE_C_USING_LINKER_LLD "/path/to/lld-link.exe")